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About AvivaIQ

Worried your guests will miss important messages (confirmation, check-out…)?

Now there’s a way to automate these regular communications

Delight your guests and receive more 5-star reviews!

How it Works


Let Aviva IQ know which
properties are yours


Use Aviva IQ’s message templates,
or customize your own


You decide when your
messages get sent

Messages arrive on time, every time!


Another great thing about

this app is that it’s FREE.

What the press is saying

Our Happy Users

“I’ve been working with Aviva IQ over a year now and it saves me and my clients hours every week!”

San Francisco, California

“Aviva IQ is fantastic! All of my messages go on time now. Even better, the first guest to receive my automated messages extended their stay due to Aviva IQ’s booking extension message. This was really amazing since we have never had a guest extend before. I really recommend you, once again thank you a lot!”

Airbnb Host

“Aviva IQ is awesome! It makes my job as Airbnb host so much easier.”

Airbnb Host
Chicago, Illinois

“Prior to using Aviva IQ, I missed out on $600 from losing a reservation with a great guest due to the guest not receiving the check-in details in a timely fashion. I can now rest assured that this will not be an issue again. I thank you for your great product and service.”

Mario and Mayra
Airbnb Hosts
Los Angeles, California

“Aviva IQ is a great time management tool every Airbnb host should have in their arsenal. It also has a cool message that asks the guest if they would like to extend their stay…I never would have thought of that! This feature yielded immediate results! Great product, I am so happy I discovered it.”

Airbnb Host

“Aviva IQ really helps me keep my Airbnb guests happy! Guests receive my personalized emails on a schedule, giving them all the information they need for a successful stay, from confirmation to check out. It has been a lifesaver for me, as a host with multiple groups arriving and departing every week. I no longer worry about sending pertinent details to each group – it’s all taken care of!”

Airbnb Host
San Mateo, California

“Sending personal messages to my guests took up a lot of my time.  Now with Aviva IQ, they are automatically personalized and sent. I found the setup process user-friendly and straightforward. Thank you for creating this awesome program!”

Airbnb Host
Byron Bay, Australia

“By sending all of my important messages for me, Aviva IQ has made managing my Airbnb reservations easier than ever. Setting up the messaging was a breeze so from confirmation to checkout, my guests always have the information they need for their stay. Aviva IQ has been a huge time saver for me.”

Airbnb Host
San Francisco, California

“Aviva IQ saves me 4-5 hours per week and ensures I don’t ever forget to send guests their information. This is the dynamic auto-messaging platform I’ve been looking for!”

Airbnb Host
Nashville, Tennessee

“Wow! This is really a great service. I can now automate messages since Aviva IQ is so self-explanatory. The automation takes away the need to remember where you are in the process with each guest. Everything just works as expected. Thank you.“

Airbnb Host

“It’s going great. I love it! I love having Aviva IQ responding to my Airbnb guests!  I only wished it would clean the room after they left! 🙂 ”

Airbnb Host
San Francisco, California

“What a great way of greeting my guests with a personalized message sent with this nifty service from Aviva IQ! I don’t have to worry anymore about forgetting to send a message when new guests book – it’s all automated, so everyone is happy, and it takes a lot of work out of my hands.”

Airbnb Host

“I discovered Aviva IQ — a product that allows me to send automated messages that are both proactive and personalized. Aviva IQ is easy to use, and is a must-have resource for Airbnb hosts. Best part: it’s free!”

Airbnb Host
Columbus, Ohio

“Aviva IQ is a great energy and time saver. Before using it, I had to stop and remember to send the messages to my guests on time. Now, Aviva IQ does the message delivery for me, not only on time but personalized to each of my guests. With the extra time, I focus on other aspects of my Airbnb management.”

Airbnb Host
Los Angeles, California

“I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my guests began receiving messages from Aviva IQ.  The following is one example of how our business was assisted it:  A guest booked in the wee hours of the morning while I was asleep but thanks to Aviva IQ a confirmation message was sent to him within minutes. I highly endorse Aviva IQ, it will revolutionize your business.”

Airbnb Host
Trinidad and Tobago

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